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Celebrate one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time with a tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mattel WWE Defining Moments style! Including the Smoking Skull, Late ’90’s Rounded or ‘Attitude’ Era and Winged Eagle Championship belts, this is a classic and necessary version of the Rattlesnake. With an Austin 3:16 vest featuring ‘Stone Cold’ and a skull on the back and two knee braces, this is likely one of the most definitive versions of Steve Austin during his absolute pique that has ever, or will ever be produced. ‘Cause Stone Cold said so!Stone Cold Steve Austin (w/ 3 Belts) – WWE Defining Moments WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!Accessories include: Vest, 2 Knee Braces, WWE Attitude World Heavyweight Belt, Smoking Skull Championship Belt & Winged Eagle Championship Title Belt! The year was 1998WrestleMania XIV was on the horizon and one unlikely conflict was about to set off a chain of events that would forever go down in infamyThe Stone Cold Era was about to beginOn Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon introduced his special guest, boxing champion Mike Tyson, only to be interrupted as Stone Cold Steve Austin stomped into the ring to steal Tyson’s thunderAustin declared that Tyson did not belong in the WWETyson tried to shake hands with Austin, but when Stone Cold refused, Tyson pushed him and set off a chaotic scuffle in the ringOver the next few weeks, Tyson – now announced as the Special Enforcer for Stone Cold’s match at WrestleMania – gave his allegiance to Shawn Michaels, Austin’s opponent. When Austin and Michaels finally met at WrestleMania, the main event was a physical, back-and-forth matchNeither man could put his opponent away, but after the referee was knocked out accidentally, Stone Cold blocked Michael’s attempt at Sweet Chin Music, and delivered the Stone Cold Stunner to the champAt that moment, Tyson jumped into the ring, made the three count and declared Stone Cold Steve Austin as the new WWE ChampionWhen Michaels stood up to confront Tyson for betraying him, Tyson responded by flooring HBK with a single knockout punchStone Cold then left the ring with the WWE Championship on one arm and the other was raised in victory by Mike TysonThe historic moment marked Stone Cold Steve Austin’s arrival at the forefront of sports entertainment, and dawn of the Attitude Era in WWE



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