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The ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage makes history in Mattel WWE Defining Moments! With a figure release based on his ‘WrestleMania III’ appearance, he has a removable headband, sunglasses and a cloth robe that says ‘Macho Man’ on the back in blue, white and purple! He’s also wearing light pink trunks and yellow boots based on the same event. On MARCH 29, 1987, a record-setting crown of 93,173 gathered to be part of history in the making at WrestleMania IIIWhat they did not know, however, was they were about to witness what to this day is widely considered one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time – Randy “Macho Man” Savage versus Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for the Intercontinental ChampionshipThe intense rivalry would come to an end one way or another”History beckons the Macho Man!” Savage declaredAn electrified buzz filled the Pontiac Silverdome as the reigning champion made his way to the ring accompanied by the lovely ElizabethWhen the smoked cleared, Steamboat raised his hand as the new Intercontinental ChampionThe “Macho Man” may have left without the gold around his waist, but the unforgettable match went down in the record books as one for the ages. Ooooh yeeeah!Macho Man Randy Savage – WWE Defining Moments WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!Includes a headband, sunglasses and a full cloth robe!Oh Yeah! Dig I



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