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The Exclusive Prowl Bust stands 6” tall, and is limited to 500 pieces. Prowl is posed atop a tiered base bearing the Autobot emblem. Prowl’s color scheme is based around his police markings. He’s symmetrically configured so that the headlights are aligned in the front, the wheels turned behind the shoulder plates, and the doors folded outwards in the semblance of wings. Prowl is equipped with shoulder-mounted rockets, and is armed with a rifle. Unfortunately Prowl was among the first wave of Autobot casualties in Transformers: The Movie. Joined by Brawn, Ratchet and Ironhide, Prowl was aboard a shuttle destined for Earth; Megatron, having learned of the secret mission, led a massive attack against the shuttle. Without warning a superior force of Decepticons infiltrated the shuttle’s hull and invaded the bridge. Prowl was destroyed after suffering a direct blast from Scavenger.

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