Metaltech MT07 Mysterious Cities of Gold Golden Condor Diecast


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ABOUT THE MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD (Taiyo no ko Esuteban / 太陽の子エステバン ) The mysterious cities of gold is a Japanese-French TV animated series co-produced in the 80’s by DIC entertainment and Studio Pierrot. The series follows the adventures of Esteban, a young spanish boy, and his friends Tao and Zia , searching the legendary cities of gold. Written by Jean chalopin and Bernard Deyries, the story is loosely based on the novel The King’s Fith by Scott O’Dell. The mysterious cities of gold huge success mainly came from its original design, charismatic characters, and the story of an epic journey punctuated by an amazing soundtrack, in large and unknown places leading the young heroes to an ancient and secret technology, illustrated in the anime by certain solar powered ‘Mecha’ such as the great condor flying machine or the solaris boat.The box includes a 6 inch scale golden condor (15 inch total wingspan ) with articulated wings, neck, head, and tail. Exchangeable feet and a metaltech base to pose the bird in a flying position is included



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